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Breast and Cervical Health Program

As you age, the risk of cancer increases, especially if you are over 40.  Regular screenings can find problems early when they are most treatable.  When cancer is found early and treated, you increase your chances to live a longer life.

Don't let money stand in your way. You could qualify for free screenings.

You may be eligible for a health exam and cancer screening at no cost if you: 

  • are age 40 to 64 
  • have limited income 
  • have limited or no insurance

Call today and find out if you are eligible for these high quality screening programs: 360-385-9400

Breast and cervical health screening for women ages 40-64

For more information contact Washington State Breast and Cervical Health Program (BCHP) enrollment, eligibility and education materials: contact Julia Danskin 360-385-9420 or 360-385-9400 and ask for the BCHP Program.

For more information visit the  Washington State Department of Health Web site.

Breast cancer screening guidelines

For early detection of breast cancer, regular breast screening can find cancer when it is as small as a seed.

Recommended screenings:

Mammogram (x-ray of the breast) every 1 to 3 year, starting at age 40 depending on risk factors. 

Clinical breast exam by a health care provider every year, starting at age 18.

To prevent cervical cancer

Cervical screening can detect treatable pre-cancerous cells before they progress to cancer.

Recommended screenings:

Pap test every 1-3 years. Ask your health care provider how often you need a Pap test starting at age 18. 

Human Papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine for males and females from age 9-26.

Please click to find information from the CDC about cervical cancer screening with the HPV test and the Pap test in women ages 30 and older.

To prevent colon cancer

Colon screening can detect growths early before they become cancer. You may never feel symptoms. Only screening can detect it.

Recommended screenings (talk to your health care provider about which screening is right for you):

FOBT or FIT (stool tests) 


Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Start colon health screenings at age 50. If you have a family history of colon cancer, you may need to start screening tests at an earlier age. Find out your family history and discuss with your health care provider. National screening guidelines recommended by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

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