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Diseases Carried by Animals

(Zoonotic Diseases)

Whether you are heading out to the mountains or cleaning the basement, you may wonder how you can protect yourself and your family from diseases like rabies, hanta virus, West Nile Virus, and tick-borne diseases. We answer such questions and get testing done for certain dead corvid birds, bats, and some other wild animals suspected of carrying diseases that can affect you.

We team up with communicable disease nurses who answer your personal health questions related to animals, make sure you get the care you need and help get prevention information out to the community.


To reach a communicable disease nurse, call 360-385-9400 or visit

For urgent health questions call your health provider or dial 911.

For non-urgent animal questions, call Environmental Health at 360-385-9444.

Animal Bites: What to do and who to call



Dead Bird Reporting (Corvid Birds for West Nile Virus testing)


Bats (Rabies Concerns)
Call the communicable disease nurse at 360-385-9400 if you are concerned about potential exposure from a bat or other animal.
Call us at 360-385-9444 for other non-urgent animal questions. Or visit:


Hanta Virus


Tick-Borne Diseases


Click Here to get the buzz on mosquitoes

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