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Solid Waste

Solid Waste Code Enforcement

Jefferson County Public Health responds to complaints of improper solid waste storage and disposal, illegal dumps, and garbage burning. Property owners are responsible for the proper and legal disposal of solid waste on their property.


What is solid waste?

Solid waste includes household garbage, junk vehicles, appliances, recyclables, and discarded commodities that either will be disposed of or need to be disposed of.


Burning Garbage Prohibited Year-Around

Burning garbage is illegal. Some people mistakenly believe that if there is not a burn ban, then burning garbage is ok.

Junk Vehicles

A single property of any size may have up to two junk vehicles at any one time. If a vehicle meets three of the four following conditions, JCPH will consider it a junk vehicle:

  • Three (3) years old or older;
  • Extensive damage or missing wheels, tires, motor, or transmission;
  • Apparently inoperable; and/or
  • Has approximate fair market value equal only to the approximate value of the scrap in it.


Mandated Garbage Service

If JCPH receives frequent solid waste complaints on a specific property or tenant/owner, we may require that you obtain regular garbage pickup service.

Discarded Commodities include items that are:

  • Neglected (not cared for or treated as if they have value)
  • Misused (left out in the elements to rust or rot)
  • Broken
  • Rotted
  • Unable to use as originally intended

If an item is valuable to you, it's best to store it in a way that preserves its value and integrity. Typically, this means storing the item in a permanent structure such as a garage, workshop, or shed. If you don't, then JCPH may consider the item a discarded commodity and require that you dispose of it properly.

JCPH can issue citations of $513.00 for: 

  • Storing or disposing of waste improperly
  • Dumping waste illegally
  • Burning garbage (any time of the year)






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