Public Records

Governor’s Proclamation Regarding Public Records

On March 24, 2020, Governor Jay Inslee issued Proclamation 20-28 temporarily suspending certain provisions of the Public Records Act. Proclamation 20-28.15 has extended these suspensions until termination of the state of emergency:

Despite this proclamation's general suspension of in-person activities for daily business regarding public records, arrangements can be made with individual departments for inspecting or picking up records by appointment. 

Access to Jefferson County Public Records

Chapter 42.56 RCW, the Public Records Act, requires each agency to make public records available for inspection and copying. Jefferson County Resolution No. 21-18 adopted the Jefferson County Public Records Act Compliance Policy to comply with RCW 42.56.040 which requires agencies to publish their public records access policies and procedures.

Many Jefferson County public records are readily available online and free of charge.

The links below will help you navigate to various document archives where you can find, view, and download public records from your own computer or device. If you fail to locate the records you are looking for, or if they are not available online, please proceed to the Jefferson County Public Records Portal to submit a public records request online. (See the information at the bottom of this page for submitting a public records request by mail).

The most simple and effective way to make a public records request is via our online Public Records Center. Click the link below and choose the Submit Records Request button. (If this is your first request, you'll be asked to create a user account.) There are two forms to choose from: One for the Sheriff's Office and one for all other county departments. Each form is short and easy to complete. When you click submit, your records request will be immediately entered into our public records management system and we will be alerted.

Go to the Public Records Center to submit a Records Request

Other ways to submit a public records request:
If you have limited internet access or prefer to use a different mode of submission, you can download a fill-able PDF form by clicking here. Fill out the form on your computer, or by hand, and send it to Jefferson County by:


Fax     (360) 385-9195

Mail     Public Records Officer
            Central Services
            1820 Jefferson St.,  PO Box 1220
            Port Townsend, WA 98368

Jefferson County Organizational Chart

The Jefferson County Public Records Officer is Mark McCauley, Central Services Director.
1820 Jefferson Street - PO Box 1220, Port Townsend, WA 98368.  Phone: (360) 385-9174  FAX: (360) 385-9195

As of May 14, 2018 Jefferson County Ordinance No. 02 0514 18 authorizes charges for copies of public records, including electronically-transmitted copies. Per Section 3.4 of the Ordinance, these charges are in effect immediately and apply to all pending Public Records Act requests (this includes new installments of public records provided for pending requests). See the approved Public Records Requests Costs Schedule below. For any individual public records request, all costs listed on the schedule are cumulative. However, if total cumulative costs do not exceed $2.00, those charges will be waived.

PRR cost schedule