Marrowstone Cannabis

Summary of Application and Recommendation

Date of Application: The Application was received on March 7th, 2017 and deemed complete on April 14th, 2017. 

Open Record Hearing: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 – Commissioners Chambers, Jefferson County Courthouse. 

Application: Proposal for a conditional use permit for Olympus Gardens (Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board License #412943 for Tier 3) 10,000 square foot of canopy for production and a cottage industry permit for processing of recreational marijuana (Processing will be for flower and dry sifted hash) in a rural residential 1:10 zone on Marrowstone Island, case MLA17-00019. Production and processing will take place entirely inside a 10,080 square foot, 23 foot tall greenhouse, being reviewed under building permit BLD17-00093. Type A full screen landscaping is required to screen use from the road and adjacent parcels. Staff Report to the Jefferson County Hearing Examiner MLA17-00019/ZON17-00002, ZON17-00003, BLD17-00093 – Type III Conditional Use 2 

Recommendation: Approval with Conditions 

  1. Reconsideration of Marrowstone Decision MLA17-00019

    The applicant submitted a reconsideration in the decision of MLA17-00019 to Hearing Examiner. Hearing Examiner returned decision on reconsideration. The denial of the application is changed from a denial with prejudice to a denial without prejudice. Read on...
  2. Report and Decision Issued for Marrowstone Cannabis Case

    The decision for MLA17-00019 has been issued by the Hearing Examiner and results posted online. Read on...
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All of the documents relating to this issue are stored in an archiving program we use called "Laserfiche." You may view the files stored in Laserfiche by following the instructions below:

  1.  Open the Laserfiche WebLink
  2.  Click on "2017"
  3.  Click on "2017 MLA ‎(Master Land Use Applications)"
  4.  Click on "MLA17-00019"
  5.  Select a Record or File and select individual items for viewing