Application Packets

Single Family Residence and Commercial Building

Remodel Application Packet

Important Notes:

  • Your floor plans must include a "before" and "after"
  • If your remodel project is an addition, any applicable stormwater forms (below) will need to be filled out also. 

Stormwater Application Packet

Fire Alarm Application Packet

Important Notes:

  • On the Permit Application, make sure to include "Fire alarm installation" in the "Description of Work" and make sure to include the Estimated Cost of Project on the Supplemental Application.
  • Jefferson County does not have a Fire Alarm Permit form. Instead, we utilize the Building Permit Application.
  • When submitting for a fire alarm permit, include the documents listed below in addition to the following: 
    • Site Plan, 
    • Floor Plan, & 
    • Building Plan
  • All plans should be submitted according to the Building Permit Checklist. 
  • Finally, make sure to apply to L&I ( for an electrical permit.