Port Hadlock Wastewater System

Jefferson County, WA is developing a sewer system for the Irondale & Port Hadlock Urban Growth Area (UGA) to provide wastewater treatment for local residents and businesses. The sewer system has been identified as a critical element for increased regional economic development. When construction of the sewer system is completed, the Irondale & Port Hadlock UGA will be able to support affordable housing, medical facilities, higher density multifamily residences, senior housing, as well as commercial and industrial development.

The Sewer Facility Plan adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in 2009 includes a phased plan for providing sewer in the UGA starting with the commercial core along SR-116 and Rhody Drive and expanding into residential areas over time.

Intial Phase I Service Area Opens in new window

Phase I Service Area
The map shows the proposed Phase I sewer system boundary outlined in green. The treatment plant and percolation pond are shown in orange, the inlet line to the wastewater plant is shown in yellow, and the proposed pressure sewer collection lines are a magenta color. Click the map to view the full size image in a new tab on your browser

Phase I Initial Construction
Initial construction work for Phase I will include site work and grading, construction of the inlet pipe from State Highway 116 to the treatment plant site, effluent pipe from the treatment plant site to the percolation pond, percolation pond, mitigation plantings, and various other utility installations like water, power, and fiber optics. Bids for this work were received March 30, 2023, and Seton Construction was selected as the Contractor. Physical construction began July 5, 2023.

Phase I Project Schedule
Following is the anticipated Phase I project schedule, which is subject to change.

Estimated DateComponentComments

March 2023 – October 2023

Bid and start on construction of Treatment Plant

Notice to proceed on constructing separately bid Membrane Bio Reactor Unit (MBR) by September 2023

Treatment and percolation pond bidding began March 6, 2023 with bid opening on March 30. Expect construction to start by July 2023

Expect to bid treatment plant construction by October 2023

October 2023 – December 2023

Bid and start construction on specifically defined areas of the Pressure Sewer 

Intent is to conduct several bidding periods for specific sections of the pressure sewer.

July 2024 –  July 2025

Property Connections

Begin work to connect properties to the sewer

May 2023 – December 2023

Sewer Ordinance

Public Meetings on Sewer Ordinance – Late Spring and Summer

Board of County Commissioners Hearing/s and consideration – Fall and early winter 

Fall 2025

Wastewater System Operational

Project Cost and Funding (numbers rounded) – Our existing project cost estimate for construction totals $34 million.  The Table below summarizes Phase I funding for construction and currently indicates that funding is adequate to complete the Phase I project:





$3.4 Million


County – American Rescue Plan Act

Administrative, County management staffing, matching funds for certain grants

$20 Million


State – Rep. Tharinger and Legislative Appropriation

Construction – Wastewater treatment plant, inlet line, percolation pond, and some portion of pressure sewer system

$2.5 Million


Federal – Senator Murray Appropriation

Construction – Pressure Sewer and Grinder Pumps

$3.0 Million


Federal – Rep. Kilmer and Senator Cantwell

Construction - Pressure Sewer and Grinder Pumps

$6.7 Million

ECY Recommended, requires WA State Legislature final approval

State Dept. of Ecology Grant

Construction – Pressure Sewer and Grinder Pumps

$35.6 Million

Total Funding Package for Phase I Wastewater System Construction

Phase 1 Sewer Service Area Map (June 2022) with Zoning

The area indicated within the green lines on this map is the Phase 1 service area. The map also shows what the zoning will become when the PHUGA sewer system is operational.  

State allocates $20.175 million for Port Hadlock Sewer project

The State Legislature allocated $20.175 million in 2021 for construction of the Port Hadlock Sewer. The project funding is derived from recent federal relief and infrastructure packages received by Washington State and comes just weeks after the Department of Ecology approved the Sewer Facility Plan for the project.  Both The Leader and Peninsula Daily News reported the news in the Wednesday, 4/28/2021 editions of their papers.