Alarm Permits

QUICK LINK: Alarm Permit Application Form

Information About Alarm Permits:

Jefferson County has enacted an ordinance (Jefferson County Code Chapter 8.80: Registration and Regulation of Alarm Systems) that requires automatic and semi-automatic alarm systems be permitted and establishes procedures to limit false alarms through education and, including fines for multiple false alarms in a six month period.  This currently applies only to alarm owners living in unincorporated Jefferson County.  Alarm owners who receive law enforcement services from Port Townsend Police Department do not need a permit with Jefferson County.

The purpose of the ordinance is twofold: first, to reduce the number of false alarms to which deputies are called (JCSO responded to 387 false alarms in 2017 alone) ; and, second, to ensure that first responders have accurate information regarding the alarm's owner, the property, and the alarm itself.  For more information on the ordinance, fees, and JCSO's role in alarm registration and regulation, please refer to the JCSO Press Release regarding the Ordinance, and/or to the Ordinance itself.

There is a $20.00 fee for the initial permit, and a $20.00 fee for permit renewals.  There is no fee for updating information on an existing permit.

The Alarm Permit Application Form, along with the appropriate fee (if any), may be mailed to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or turned in at the Admin Office in Port Hadlock during regular business hours.  The address for mailing or hand-delivery is 79 Elkins Road, Port Hadlock, WA 98339.

Any questions should be directed to the program coordinators at