ACAC Committee Structure

The Committee has a minimum of seven members and a maximum of eleven which must include:

  • Six members who are consumers with disabilities or family members of people with disabilities.
  • Individuals who represent disability populations, agencies or professionals in the field and diverse geographic areas of Jefferson County.

Members must have:

  • An interest and experience in the world of disability.
  • A commitment to serve on the Committee.
  • The ability and willingness to meet attendance requirements.
  • A commitment to actively participate in the grant-funded project lifecycle.


Executive Sub-Committee membership shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair and Member-At-Large.  The Executive Committee will work with Public Health staff to be available for staff consultations between meetings, plan meeting agendas and coordinate Committee membership recruitment.

  • Nomination and selection of Committee positions will happen at the last meeting of each year.
  • Generally, it will be expected that the previous year’s Vice Chair will move into the Chair position and a new Vice Chair and Member-At –Large will be nominated and elected to serve.
  • Each term is for two years and positions can be held by the same person in consecutive terms by election.

Other sub-committees will be appointed as standing sub-committees or as ad hoc sub-committees, to conduct activities or the business of the ACAC.

  • A simple majority of current members need to be present in order to conduct business at ACAC meetings.
  • If a member of the Committee has a conflict of interest, they will need to recuse themselves from voting.

Jointing the Committee

  • Individuals who wish to serve on the Committee shall contact Public Health Staff and fill out the ACAC application to describe their interest, experience, ability to meet attendance requirements, and include the category (consumer, family members, or agency representative) that they wish to represent on the ACAC.
  • Committee applicants shall be screened and recommended by the Executive Committee to the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners, (BOCC).
  • New applicants will be approved by the Jefferson County BOCC once a year.
  • Membership terms are two calendar years beginning in January. A member can serve two consecutive terms. Further terms can be approved after the membership opening has been publicly advertised and with the recommendation of the Executive Committee.