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Changes to Case Information Page:

Jefferson County Public Health is streamlining its COVID-19 case data reporting as it transitions from an emergency response to a more sustainable and long-term approach to monitoring the virus. The first-ever weekly report published on Monday, June 27 and will appear every subsequent Monday. In addition to shifting to weekly reporting, data will now appear on an interactive dashboard, below, designed with new data presentation software. Click here to read more.

06/27/2022: We are adding 18 new cases. The two-week COVID-19 case rate is 979. This week's new cases are the total number of cases reported to us as of Friday, June 24, 2022. We reported 18 cases on that day and that number now appears in our first, new, weekly report. Future weekly reports will contain the total number of new cases reported to us Saturday-Friday. 

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Masking in public, indoor places is recommended, although no longer required, depending on the level of the Jefferson County COVID-19 case rate, shown above.

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