Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee (ICC)

An Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee (ICC) is comprised of two members of each of the four entities (City of Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Port of Port Townsend, and the Jefferson County Public Utility District #1), including one elected member to be selected by the entity and the chief appointed officer of that entity. The purpose of the ICC is to work with community task forces representing different sectors and receive recommendations for sector recovery resiliency plans, strategies and actions for review and inclusion into a Consolidated Recovery and Resiliency Plan by the ICC. The ICC will recommend its plan to the ICG for adoption. 

The Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee (ICC) of Jefferson County, City of Port Townsend, Port of Port Townsend, and Jefferson County Public Utility District #1 will hold its regular meetings on the following dates at 5:00 p.m.: August 27, September 24, October 22, and December 3, 2020. The ICC consists of eight members including an elected official and the chief appointed executive from each of the four governments. The ICC is collaborating with community-based groups to draft a COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Plan. The Plan is intended to include community actions in the near term that are tangible fundable legal and able to be quickly implemented, to help people and organizations better recover from the disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic, with improved strength and resilience. Per the May 29, 2020 Jefferson County Public Health Officer Order, the ICC’s meetings will be held virtually. 

To view the meetings live go to Follow the links under “Quick Links: Videos of Meetings-Streaming Live” or those without internet can listen by dialing Phone #: 1-224-501-3412 and Access Code: 901-114-605.

The ICC is charged with establishing Recovery Planning Task Forces representing the following sectors:

•    Events & Festivals

•    Non-Profits

•    Businesses (Chaired by the EDC and Chambers)

•    Childcare

•    Community Services

•    Funding Opportunities

•    Food Security and Resiliency

Task Forces will be comprised of people from the community with specific expertise and/or experience in their sector. Task forces are expected to meet weekly for the express purpose of developing recommendations for specific projects or initiatives that are tangible, fundable, legal and able to be implemented that address recovery in their sector. Additional sectors may be added by the ICC.