Levies & Taxing Districts

Tax Base
Property taxes apply to the assessed value of all taxable property, which includes all real and personal property located within the state, unless specifically exempted.  Real property includes land, structures, and certain equipment that is affixed to the structure; personal property includes machinery, supplies, certain utility property, and other items that are movable.

Tax Rate
Property tax rates are the annual levy rates applied to the assessed value of taxable property by the various taxing districts, including the state and various types of local jurisdictions that have levy authority under state law.  Property tax levy rates are expressed in terms of dollars per one thousand of assessed value.  A taxing district's rate must apply uniformly throughout the district.
The property tax is levied and collected at the county level.  The assessment function is the responsibility of the county assessor.  In addition to determining the value of real and personal property for tax purposes, the assessor calculates and certifies levy rates for most taxing districts, assuring that the limits to the levy rates are not exceeded.  The assessor compiles an assessment roll showing the assessed value of all taxable property and a tax roll indicating the amount of levies that are due from each owner.