2021-2022 Culvert Lining (Port Ludlow)

Many culverts under Jefferson County roads are galvanized corrugated metal pipes. Surface water in Jefferson County is corrosive enough that many of these culverts have sections of the invert (bottom of the pipe) that have holes and in some cases are completely missing from the corrosion. Shallow culverts without utility conflicts can be replaced within a short time frame at a modest cost. Deeper culverts with utility conflicts require more time and dollars to replace. On roads with higher traffic volumes or on dead end streets, replacing the culvert using the excavate and replace method can cause significant traffic disruptions and inconvenience to residents. 

Before Repair

Jefferson County Public Works has identified three culverts in Port Ludlow that are in poor CIPP Culvert Lining After Repaircondition, can be lined, and where the culvert depth would require the road be closed for extended periods if the culverts are replaced using excavate, remove and replace methods. In July 2021 a project to line these three using Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liners was bid and awarded to Allied Plumbing & Pumps LLC, DBA Allied Trenchless based in Wenatchee, WA.

The CIPP lining process involves a supplier manufacturing a flexible liner for the specific diameter and length of the culvert to be lined. The liner is shipped to the site, pulled through the culvert, inflated using air, then cured into a rigid liner pipe using ultra-violet light.

The culverts to be lined are located on Oak Bay Road, Pioneer Drive, and Drew Lane. Without the lining repairs the culverts would need to be replaced in the near future at a significantly greater cost than the $95,000 bid award amount. 

The project, completed in December 2022, did not significantly disrupt traffic, and took four days field construction time.

Project ElementCompletion Time
Bid and AwardJuly, 2021
Post Award Pipe Condition Investigation by ContractorOctober 27, 2021
Liner Shop and Engineering SubmittalsSummer, 2022
Liner InstallationDecember, 2022
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