Volunteer Positions

Incident Management Team (IMT)

Public Information Officers (PIOs) are an integral part of emergency response teams. PIOs collect and verify information both during and after emergencies.  

The Public Information Assistance Volunteer position could include helping with any or all of the following:

  • Community outreach—working with community organizations to help them become better prepared for disasters
  • Designing flyers and other public information handouts 
  • Assisting with special projects to include exercises and drills
  • Media monitoring 
  • Assisting the Lead PIO during emergency operations activations


Volunteer Requirements:

  • Organized and detail-oriented work ethic
  • Ability to spend long hours at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during activations
  • Public Speaking and presentation experience
  • Written and verbal communication experience
  • This position could at times require spending above normal time on your feet
  • Answering department phones