Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

1200px-MedicalReserveCorpsLogo Opens in new windowThe Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of local volunteer units that engage their local communities to strengthen public health, reduce vulnerability, build resilience, and improve preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.

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Example of volunteer activities during normal operations: 

Example of volunteer activities during disaster operations:

  • Clinical support for unsheltered or other vulnerable folks during heat/smoke/severe weather emergencies (may include supporting shelter operations or field visits
  • Medical Countermeasures (MCM)/vaccination for communicable diseases (measles, MPOX, COVID)
  • MCM/medical materiel distribution (cipro, PPE)
  • Case investigation and contact tracing (with additional training)
  • Call center staffing during surge events
  • Support for people needing to isolate or quarantine (food delivery, transportation)
  • Provide education on sanitation and drinking water safety (maybe door-to-door in impacted areas)
  • Mortuary operations

Watch the MRC Introduction Zoom meeting here: MRC Introduction Zoom