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In the State of Washington, County Auditors are "Recording Officers" or "Custodians of Records."

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) requires the recording of legal documents. RCW 36 and RCW 65 define the minimum amount of information required for each instrument recorded and the fees to be charged for such recordings. Check, cash or debit/credit cards (must be in person, convenience fee applies) are acceptable forms of payment.

The Recording Department records all documents that affect real property/real estate and maintains them for public record. Documents need to be recorded in the County in which the land or any portion of the land is situated.

Types of Documents Recorded

  • Deeds and Mortgages (Real Estate Documents)
  • Liens and Lien Releases
  • Military Discharge (DD-214)
  • Name Changes
  • Surveys and Plats
The following documents recorded in 1982 through the present have an electronic index and are imaged:
  • All Marriage Certificates
  • All Recorded Plats
  • All Recorded Surveys
You can search and view these documents at on the document search website.

Services Not Provided

County Auditors, and their deputies, are not practicing attorneys, and in their roles as recording officers, are prohibited from providing legal advice. The responsibility for properly preparing a document, a survey, etc., is that of the document preparer. It is not the responsibility of the Auditor or deputy auditors to screen the document to ensure it is properly drafted.

We do not supply blank forms or help complete forms.
You can reach the recording desk at 360-385-9116