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$10,000 - $15,000 Hiring Bonus for Entry Level and Lateral Positions!

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A career in Corrections is a great opportunity to serve your community and make a difference. Corrections Deputies are integral to our communities criminal justice system. Corrections contributes to public safety by maintaining order within the facility and providing individuals with program opportunities of rehabilitation, personal growth and accountability. Corrections Deputies are also responsible for prisoner transports outside of the facility. 

Corrections Deputies are specially commissioned and required to qualify to carry department-issued firearms. They also have opportunities for career development and to become certified instructors in various trainings, including defensive tactics, less lethal weapons, firearms, and field training officer. Corrections Officers' shifts are varied and include days, nights on twelve hour shifts with four days on, four days off and three days on, three days off.

The Jefferson County Jail is a 57-bed facility located at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 81 Elkins Rd, Port Hadlock WA 98339.

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Corrections offers competitive wages and hiring bonuses!

Corrections Sergeant Top Wage - $39.59

Corrections Sergeant Starting Wage - $31.02

Corrections Deputy Top Wage - $32.32

Corrections Deputy Starting Wage - $25.32


The county covers 85% of medical, dental and vision premiums


Corrections State Retirement Plan PSERS II provide full retirement benefits at age 65 with at least five years of service credit or at age 60 with ten years of PSERS service. 

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