Corrections Division


By law, Washington Sheriffs are responsible for operating a jail and providing jail services. The corrections division consists of 11 corrections deputies, 2 sergeants, and a jail superintendent. Corrections staff are responsible for the day to day supervision and care taking of inmates incarcerated at the jail.
Corrections Officer in Office Setting
The average daily inmate population for 2014 was 49 inmates. Corrections staff handle approximately 1,275 yearly bookings in a 1 year period. On top of the supervision and care taking function, the jail also provides and administers services/programs for inmates intended to reduce criminal recidivism rates.


These programs include alcohol and drug dependency counseling, bible study, anger management, and a partnership with Peninsula College to provide adult basic education and GED assistance. The jail also employees a part time cook responsible for the service of approximately 53,000 meals throughout the year.