Building Permit Forms

If you have any questions about what forms to complete, how to complete them, or other information that may be required for particular applications, please contact DCD at 360-379-4450 and consult with either a Permit Technician or a Development Review Division planner. You can also ask questions by email.

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Code Enforcement

Due to budget constraints the Department does not currently have a Code Enforcement Officer. Our limited staff resources mean we cannot pursue enforcement action on all complaint and violation cases. However, on each case, on a time-available basis, we will conduct a reconnaissance level investigation by visiting the site, taking photos and making observations to the extent possible from public access points, (or from private property if invited by the owner). Following this investigation, we will decide whether further enforcement actions will be taken. As a general rule, only the most serious health and safety issues and environmental infractions will be pursued. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. 

If you have a concern that you would like us to address, please fill out our online Complaint Form by clicking HERE.

Public Records Request

Click HERE to be directed to information regarding public records requests.

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