Assault Charges

Assault in the Fourth Degree

A conviction for this offense may require that you obtain an evaluation to determine the need for an anger management class. The treatment provider will conduct an assessment to make the determination whether you enter a 12 or 20 week anger management class. In addition, you will need to comply with the same general requirements for other offenders placed under probation supervision.

Assault in the Fourth Degree Domestic Violence

Defendants who are convicted of domestic violence offenses are usually placed on supervised probation for 2 years. The Probation Department monitors the completion of court-ordered treatment programs or counseling. Defendants must report at least monthly, in person, to Probation until compliance with treatment is well established.

Many defendants are court-ordered to complete a 1 year specialized, State-certified domestic violence treatment program. Treatment programs are offered by different agencies but all have similar elements. The programs all begin with a thorough intake evaluation of the defendant, including contact between the treatment agency and the victim. The intake is followed by 26 weeks of weekly group meetings. The second six months of treatment consists of monthly group or individual meetings. Defendants must meet specified exit criteria before being discharged from treatment. Defendants must pay for treatment. In addition to or instead of domestic violence treatment, the judge may order alcohol/drug counseling, parenting classes or sexual deviancy treatment.