Housing Needs Assessment & Action Plan 2005-2006

Jefferson County and the City of Port Townsend have completed a comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan. The purpose is to update earlier assessments (see Legacy Documents) and to develop recommendations for pilot projects and programs to address the issue of housing affordability.
  • Follow the project timeline: Press Release: Housing Needs Assessment February 22, 2006
  • An advisory group was established to guide this project. Notes from a retreat on December 13, 2005 are posted online: Housing Needs Assessment Advisory Group retreat notes December 13, 2005


Tom Beckwith, AICP, is head of the consultant group hired to conduct the Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan.

Affordable Housing Public Meetings

In association with the Housing Needs Assessment, the City and County, together with the Advisory Group, worked with consultants to host a series of public meetings in 2006 on the topic of affordable housing. The first was a Housing Action Plan Charrette on March 29 held in Port Townsend:
  • Press Release: Housing Action Plan Charrette March 17, 2006
  • Charrette cover memo to participants
  • Charrette handout materials
  • Charrette workshop topics and code of conduct
A series of public meetings were held in May 2006 on the subject of affordable housing:
  • Press Release: May Public Meetings May 12, 2006
  • Flyer announcing new meeting dates May 2006
    1. May 15 Brinnon Community Center
    2. May 16 Port Ludlow Bay Club
    3. May 17 Tri-Area Community Center
    4. May 18 Port Townsend Fire Hall
Mr. Beckwith made a presentation to the Jefferson County Planning Commission on August 2, 2006. Additionally, a Joint Workshop was held on July 20 in the Port Townsend Fire Hall. See the press release linked below for more information.
  • Press Release: Joint Workshop July 20 (July 13, 2006)
  • Flier announcing June Open House (June 28, 2006)
  • Press Release: June Public Meetings (June 15, 2006)
  • Press Release: May Public Meetings (May 12, 2006)
Mr. Beckwith presented the results to the Jefferson County Planning Commission on October 4, 2006. The Planning Commission endorsed the Plan:
  • Planning Commission Letter of Endorsement October 4, 2006

Public Hearings

The BoCC held a public hearing October 9 on the Housing Action Plan. The City of Port Townsend City Council held a public hearing on the Housing Action Plan on October 2. The following notice contains the details:
  • Notice of Public Hearings corrected version published September 27, 2006
  • Press Release: Public Hearings September 22, 2006

Plan Adoption

  • The Port Townsend City Council adopted the Housing Action Plan on October 2, 2006. - Resolution 06-026
  • Board of County Commissioners adopted the Housing Action Plan on October 9, 2006. - Resolution 69-06

Final Draft Housing Needs Assessment & Action Plan

  • Housing Advisory Group Cover Memorandum to BoCC and City Council September 18, 2006
  • Report Narrative September 6, 2006 MB
    • Appendix A
    • Appendix B
    • Appendix C
    • Appendix D
    • Appendix E
    • Appendix F
    • Appendix G 1.4 MB
    • Appendix H 1.1 MB