5210 is working with communities to increase physical activity and promote healthy living.
A healthy community supports all residents living to their fullest potential. Jefferson County community organizations (i.e., local business, churches, community groups, etc.) can improve the health of residents by sharing the 5210 message within their facilities. See below on how 5210 Jefferson is spreading the word.

Example 5210 Jefferson Kickoff

The 5210 Jefferson Kickoff event at the __________ was a tremendous success, celebrating the work accomplished to date to implement 5210 in Jefferson County.

Speaking at the 5210 Jefferson Kickoff event was .... the agenda - Example 5210 Kickoff Event Agenda (PDF).

_________, was also proclaimed "Ready, Set, Go! 5210 Kitsap: Obesity Prevention Day" by Jefferson County and the cities of _________________.


  • Bremerton Proclamation (PDF)
  • Example County Proclamation (PDF)
  • Example: Proclamation (PDF)
  • Port Orchard Proclamation (PDF)
More work remains to be done to increase physical activity and healthy eating in Jefferson County. Example of learn how you can help.