New Shine Quarry

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This page contains information related to the New Shine Quarry (NSQ), previously known as Iron Mountain Quarry (IMQ) located south of Port Ludlow adjacent to the existing Shine Quarry.

Stormwater Management Permit Application

NSQ has submitted an application for the required Stormwater Management Permit with SEPA review, necessary to begin mining. The application materials are available for review and copying in PDF format through the Laserfiche Weblink by following the directions below under Documents.

County Staff has deemed the application complete and issued a Notice of Determination of Significance (DS) which requires a Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Below is the official notice that initiates a 30 day scoping comment period open to the general public. Please submit your comments on the scope of the environmental review to the DCD office or by email by April 23 at 4:30 p.m.
  • Notice of Determination of Significance
  • Scoping Comments Part 1
  • Scoping Comments Part 2
  • Scoping Comments Part 3

IMQ Lawsuit

IMQ has filed suit in Jefferson County Superior Court contesting the validity of the County's DS. Further processing of the EIS will be on hold until further notice.

October 5, 2010

Kitsap County Court has ruled in favor of IMQ, vacating the DS and remanding back to the County for further review and a new SEPA determination. Below is the Court's Memorandum Opinion and notice of vacation and pending SEPA determination
  • Memorandum Opinion
  • Notice of Vacation of DS
DCD Staff have requested additional information from the applicant. Additional and supplemental technical reports are pending and are required for further SEPA review prior to a preliminary threshold determination. The preliminary threshold determination shall be noticed to the general public with an associated comment period prior to a final SEPA threshold determination.

View the Notice of Application and Pending SEPA preliminary threshold determination. Public comment period will end as of 4:30pm on December 28, 2011

Comment Period

The comment period for the Notice of Application has closed. Below are the comments received:
  • IMQ MDNS Comments part 1.pdf
  • IMQ MDNS Comments part 2.pdf
  • IMQ MDNS Comments part 2.2.pdf
  • IMQ MDNS Comments Part 3.pdf
Comments have been reviewed and forwarded to the applicant for a response and additional information per the letter below dated February 14, 2012:
  • IMQ Additional Information Letter
On April 20, 2012, Jefferson County issued its Final SEPA Threshold Determination with Press Release below:
  • Final SEPA Threshold Determination
  • Press Release
Backup documentation may be accessed by following the link below and opening the Final SEPA Documents file.

DCD finished it review and issued Stormwater Management Permit MLA10-00072 on September 28, 2012. A PDF copy of the notice of decision and Stormwater permit is available online.


Laserfiche Viewing Instructions:
  1. Open the Laserfiche WebLink
  2. Click on "Permits"
  3. Click on "Case Files"
  4. Click on "MLA10-00072 New Shine Quarry"
  5. Select a Record or File and select individual items for viewing

More Information

For more information, email Associate Planner David Wayne Johnson, or call 360-379-4465.