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Community Inclusion

Provides individualized support and assistance to integrate persons with developmental disabilities into typical community settings. The program emphasizes identification of individual interests while developing strategies to connect people based on mutual interest. Services will promote the persons' competence, integration, physical or mental abilities by assisting individuals to participate in activities, events and organizations in the community in ways similar to others of similar age.

Individual Supported Employment

Provides intake, discovery, assessment, job preparation, job marketing, job placement, initial training, record keeping and long-term support for persons with developmental disabilities to obtain and continue integrated employment at or above the state's minimum wage in the general workforce.

These services are a part of an individual's pathway to employment and are tailored to individual needs, interests, abilities, and promote career development.

Group Supported Employment

Unlike individual supported employment in which a traditional employer/employee relationship exists, group supported employment often involves a subcontract arrangement with a third party. That third party (usually a private nonprofit employment support agency) is typically the employer of people with disabilities. It is also common day for group employment arrangements to have a full-time supervisory staff on site at all times supervising no more than 8 persons with developmental disabilities. In these respects, group supported employment is similar to specialized industries.

Individualized Technical Assistance

These services are a part of an individual's pathway to individual employment. They are time limited services and support may be needed to assist people with:
  • Discovery: Job preparation, exploration and/or volunteering in the community to achieve integration and employment
  • Initial Planning: System overview, development of a person centered employment plan, and/or preparing an individualized budget.
  • Technical Assistance Services: These services are provided by professionals specialized in an area that would benefit a client to move further on their pathway to individual employment. An example is assistive technology or a behavior specialist.


The County Developmental Disabilities Program pays, (or private funds can pay) for the adult programs. Funding is limited.

The County Developmental Disabilities Program is one funding source for birth to 3 services in Jefferson County.

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Contact your local Developmental Disabilities case manager for referral at 877-601-2760.