Current Protections

Development regulations to protect critical areas are found in Title 18 of the Jefferson County Code (JCC), Chapter 18.15 Land Use Districts, Article VI Overlay Districts: Articles VI-D through VI-J.
Article Title
VI-D Environmentally Sensitive Areas District (ESA)
VI-E Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas
VI-F Frequently Flooded Areas
VI-G Geologically Hazardous Areas
VI-H Fish and Wildlife Habitat Areas
VI-I Wetlands
VI-J Special Reports
There is some overlap between designated critical areas and areas within shoreline jurisdiction, subject to the Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program.

If you are interested in asking about or applying for a permit for a development proposal, visit the Permit Information & Application Forms page and contact the Development Review Division.

Mapped Critical Areas on the Web

Individuals using the County Internet Map Server (IMS) function can now access critical areas information. Instructions are provided under "What's New?" and "Help."