Land Use Application Forms

Application Forms

For all Land Use Applications, you will need the following: 

The 3-part Site Development Review applications:

  • Permit Application (PDF) - The Permit Application form is required for each type of land use application.
  • Site Development Review - Legal Lot of Record Determination - LLOR Determination is a way to assure that a lot has been properly created under state subdivision law, able to be conveyed, and eligible for development. 
  • Site Development Review - Buildability Analysis- Buildability Analysis identifies site conditions like critical areas, road setbacks, and permitting requirements for the lot. The SDR Buildability Analysis is required prior to development permit applications that propose construction or other land disturbing activities.

Supplemental Land Use Forms

Supplemental forms are required for many types of permits (Visit the Building Permits and Inspections page for more)

Land Division

Home Business

Cottage Industry


Floodplain Development Permit (PDF) - In association with development permit (such as Building Permit) application or stand-alone application for habitat enhancement projects.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Start Here! guides how to complete Jefferson County stormwater forms so that applicants are better prepared for project submittal.


There may be additional applications that are relevant to your project that may be requested: