Board of Health

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND PUBLIC COMMENTS ON A PROPOSED DRAFT COMPLIANCE CODE ORDINANCE: Notice is hereby given that a joint public hearing will be held by the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners and the Jefferson County Board of Health on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 2:30 p.m.

Agenda Items for Public Review for the October 15, 2020 Meeting

Draft Racism as a Public Health Emergency resolution (PDF)

Proposed Environmental Public Health Fee Revisions 2020 (PDF) 

If you would like to submit a public comment, please email 

To see all submitted comments: Jefferson County Board of Health--Public Comments


  • Sheila Westerman, Chair
    • Citizen at Large
  • Pamela Adams, Vice-chair
    • City of Port Townsend
  • Kees Kolff
    • Public Hospital District Commissioner
  • Denis Stearns
    • Citizen at Large

  • Kate Dean
    • Jefferson County Commissioner District 1
  • David Sullivan
    • Jefferson County Commissioner District 2
  • Greg Brotherton
    • Jefferson County Commissioner District 3