Jefferson County's Unified Development Code (UDC)

View the UDC text, including the 1989 Shoreline Master Program (SMP) currently in effect. The UDC, as adopted in December 2000 and amended thereafter, is the set of development regulations that implement the Comprehensive Plan.

UDC Amendments

The UDC is amended in a manner similar to that by which the Comprehensive Plan is amended, except that amendments to the UDC can be done outside of the Comprehensive Plan annual amendment cycle. UDC amendments involve review by the Planning Commission and a legislative decision by the Board of County Commissioners.

Visit the UDC page for a list of adopted ordinances that have amended the UDC since adoption in December 2000 and corresponding replacement pages for those who have printed copies of the UDC.

Read about long-range planning projects for news regarding current and upcoming proposals to amend the UDC. Track UDC amendment proposals by frequently visiting the Long-Range Planning webpage and/or contact Long-Range Planning for more information. Note that each amendment proposal will have a Master Land-Use Application (MLA) case number for reference.