Public Notices

Applicant Becky Nunn
38 Lambs Ear Place, Port Townsend, WA 98368
 Type II permit for a cottage industry for Nunn Design, a wholesale jewelry parts and pieces business. 
7/17/2019 Comment Period to 7/31/2019
Permit Number MLA19-00032/SDP19-00009
Applicant Dan and Julie Callahan
Postal ​District 924 Tala Shores Dr., Port Ludlow 98365
Parcel Number 821151010
Project Description Type II Shoreline Conditional Use Permit for Lateral Expansion in Shoreline Jurisdiction—new Glendon septic system.
Notice Date: 6/26/2019.

Notice ​Date 6/26/2019. Comment period to 7/29/2019.
Permit Number MLA19-00039
Applicant Jefferson County PUD
Postal ​District Port Townsend
Parcel Number 001333037
Project Description SEPA FOR A COMMERICAL BUILDING PERMIT for a Jefferson County Public Utility District (PUD) Administration and Operations Facility Addition and Remodel including a 4,881 square foot addition to the existing building, 7,350 square foot new paved parking area, 3,100 square feet of new driveway, 1,510 square feet of new sidewalk, tenant improvements to existing building and minor site improvement to existing facilities. The plans have been designed by TCF Architecture and the stormwater management has been engineered by SCJ Alliance. The site shows a mapped seismic hazard area and critical aquifer recharge area. No geotechnical report will be required because the project site is outside the mapped seismic hazard. No other critical areas are present on the property. The PUD has a Type III Conditional Use Permit (ZON15 00023) approved by the Jefferson County Hearing Examiner for operating a Utility Development, Major in a rural residential zone. The applicants attended a pre application conference on July 19th, 2018 for this development (PRE18 00021).
Notice ​Date June 12, 2019
Permit Number MLA19-00024/SDP19-00006
Applicant James and Karen McCullough
Postal ​District QUILCENE
Parcel Number 701184018
Project Description Shoreline conditional use permit to add a deck to an existing non-conforming house in shoreline jurisdiction. The proposed 656 square foot, uncovered deck would be constructed lateral to the shoreline. The applicants submitted a planting plan to mitigate for the lateral expansion into the shoreline buffer. A building permit will be required. The proposal is exempt from review under the State Environmental Policy Act (WAC 197-11-800(2)(e)).
Notice ​Date June 5, 2019
Permit Number MLA19-00001/ZON19-00001
Applicant Ivonne Montenegro Salerno
Postal ​District Port Townsend
Parcel Number 001213015
Project Description Stand Alone Stormwater Permit for Future Self-Storage Facility. Proposal has 4 phases on an 8.7 acre parcel. Approximately 4.5 acre Phase 1 is to clear & grade 212,770 s.f. Phase 2 is to construct 9 storage buildings with an approximate total area of 56,250 s.f., approximately 157,600 s.f. of concrete drives and isles, and approximately 2,460 s.f. office/management residence. Future phases 3 & 4 will be development of additional storage units.
Notice ​Date February 27, 2019
Permit Number MLA18-0099
Applicant Jared Thacker and Meghan Gibson
Postal ​District Quilcene
Parcel Number 801324008
Project Description Release from a six year development moratorium including stormwater management permit and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Review. The applicant requests a full release from the mandatory six year development moratorium placed on Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Practice Application (FPA) timber harvest approvals. The applicant requested a full release of land from the approximate ten acre parcel to build a single family residence, associated residential development and develop approximately 3 acres of pasture. The remainder of the site is approximately 5.90 acres or 60% of the site and will remain native vegetation. There are no critical areas present on the parcel. The property’s previous owner, Fukue Hill received a Class III Forest Practices Application, FPA # 2614299 in June 2016. The applicant purchased the property in December 2016 after the harvest was completed. The applicant submitted an engineered stormwater report by Ron D. Cleaver, Professional Engineer.
Notice ​Date November 14, 2018
Permit ​Number MLA18-00035
Applicant Quilcene Assembly of God
Postal ​District Quilcene
Parcel Number 956100024, 956100021
Project Description Type II Conditional Discretionary C(d) Use Permit for a 2,164 square foot expansion of an existing legal non conforming Religious Assembly Facility in a Rural Residential Zone. Existing building is 3,116 square feet, the proposed expansion will make the total size of the building 5,280 square feet. The general number of people using the facility is not expected to change. There is existing parking for 39 automobiles. The project is exempt from State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review because it is less than 12,000 square feet of gross floor area and has associated parking for less than 40 automobiles.
Notice ​Date June 13, 2018
Permit ​Number MLA17-00031/SDP17-00006
Applicant Michael and Sariya Edwards
Postal ​District Quilcene
Parcel Number 721093003
Project Description Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption and Flood Development Permit to install shoreline stabilization of anchored logs and beach nourishment. The proposal will install logs that will be anchored by screws near the ordinary high water mark and will utilized fish mix gravel in front of and behind the logs to protect an eroding low bank parcel with an existing single family residence. The access for construction is proposed entirely from the uplands utilizing the Bridgehaven boat launch infrastructure to the north of the parcel. A Habitat Survey and No Net Loss Report including the Habitat Assessment, and Geologic Slope and Beach Processes Reconnaissance Report were submitted with the project application. The biological report identifies a category II estuarine wetland adjacent to the proposal. The Habitat Assessment provides a no effects determination for listed species. The project is subject to State Environmental Policy Act Review. A Hydraulic Project Approval will be required by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Notice ​Date June 12, 2018
Permit ​Number MLA18-00028
Applicant Daniel Gatchet and Sally Ferguson
Postal ​District 98376
Parcel Number 701321019
Project Description Shoreline Conditional Discretionary Use and Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption Permit for a replacement of an existing, legal non-conforming single family residence and attached deck including a lateral and vertical expansion. The existing residence was built in the early 1970’s prior to building permit requirements by the county. The single family residence is currently within the marine shoreline buffer. Ordinary high water mark is located at the existing bulkhead which the deck extends out to, the residence foundation is approximately 22 feet from the ordinary high water mark. The proposal will demo and rebuild the existing 984 sq/ft residence and approximately 644 sq/ft deck with a lateral and vertical expansion that would increase the residence footprint by 528 sq/ft laterally and increase the house height by four feet to 32 feet, and add a 237 sq/ft basement under a portion of the residence. As a majority of the expansion would be over existing impervious surfaces and deck, only 202 sq/ft of new impervious surface would be created by the expansion. A Habitat Survey and No Net Loss Report addressing impacts for the proposal was submitted in conjunction with the permit application. A building permit application has been submitted for the proposal under BLD18-00210. The proposal is exempt from SEPA review under WAC 197-11-800(1)(b)(i), (2)(f) and (6)(a). Final permit approval rests with the Washington State Department of Ecology.
Notice ​Date May 30, 2018
Permit Number
Applicant Ian Jefferds - Penn Cove Shellfish, LLC
Postal District Nordland
Parcel Number QUILCENE BAY
Project Description The proposal is for a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Application including a Flood Development Permit for a floating aquaculture farm cultivating mussels, operated by Penn Cove Shellfish, LLC. The proposal would expand the existing Penn Cove Shellfish, LLC floating aquaculture farm in Quilcene Bay, by adding nine additional raft clusters to the existing 15 raft clusters for mussel cultivation on lines. Each raft cluster is 40 feet by 120 feet which include three attached rafts measuring 40 feet by 40 feet. Each raft cluster will be located approximately 250 feet apart end to end, with approximately 75 feet between clusters laterally. Each raft cluster would contain approximately 650, 20 foot long seed and grow out lines suspended from the raft. The total water coverage for the proposed additional nine raft clusters is approximately one acre floating over subtidal habitat (-45 feet to -95 feet MLLW). The project is located on 21.57 acres of WA State Department of Natural Resources aquatic lands through a lease. The leased area is located approximately 250 to 300 feet horizontally from the shoreline. Harvesting of the mussels would occur from vessel by cutting the mussel lines and bring the mussel lines on board the vessel. The mussels are transported by vessel to the Quilcene Boat Haven for transportation by truck to the packing and shipping plant located in Coupeville, WA. Construction of the rafts would occur at the existing Coast Seafood Facility in Quilcene. No adjacent uplands to the aquaculture farm are proposed to be used. A Biological Evaluation report was submitted as part of the permit application. The proposal is subject to State Environmental Policy Act Review. The proposal is subject to additional approvals from the US Army Corps of Engineers, and WA State Department of Natural Resources.
Notice Date
April 11, 2018
Permit Number MLA16-00092/SUB16-00024
Applicant Tukey Investments
Postal District Port Hadlock
Parcel Number 921182003
Project Description Proposed Short Plat to divide one 19.81 acre parcel into three parcels. Lot 1 will be 7.35 acres. Lot 2 will be 6.78 acres. Lot 3 will be 5.68 acres. All three parcels will be served by PUD water for potable water and septic systems. Lot 1 current has an existing single family residence and septic system. The access for Lot 1 is located off of Oak Bay Road, a county road. Access for Lot 2 and Lot 3 is through ingress/egress easements through Liberty Street. A Wetland and Geotechnical Report have been submitted. The proposal is subject to SEPA review.
Notice ​Date February 7, 2018
Permit Number MLA17-00018/SDP17-00003
Applicant Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
Postal District Northeast Dabob Bay
Project Description The proposal is for a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit for 10 acres of suspended tumble oyster aquaculture, adjacent to 55 acres of existing and on-going bottom oyster and manila clam aquaculture. The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe are proposing to produce shellfish (oyster and manila clam) for human consumption. The proposal is located on Washington State Department of Natural Resources tidelands along the northeast shoreline of Dabob Bay. The leased tidelands are a total of 67.76 in size. These tidelands have been used for aquaculture cultivation previously and 55 acres of the proposal is considered to be an existing and ongoing use and is therefore not subject to a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit. The proposed existing and ongoing use methods include On Bottom Beach Oysters, On Bottom Flip Bags, and Manila Clam farming methods of seeding substrate and covering with predator netting. Ten acres of new Suspended Tumbled Oyster Culture is proposed. The Suspended Tumble Oyster Culture method consists of structures subject to a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit. No development is proposed landward of ordinary high water mark. All access is proposed by boat using the Quilcene Marina boat launch and the Point Whitney boat launch (WDFW). A No Net Loss biological report to address impacts to the shoreline functions and processes was submitted. A Visual Analysis Report of the aesthetic effects of the tumble bags was submitted. An Archeological Survey of the project area has been completed. A Flood Development Permit will also be issued by the Jefferson County Department of Community Development. A US Army Corps of Engineers Nation Wide 48 Permit has been issued. A lease with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources is under negotiation. The proposal is subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act.
Notice Date May 23, 2017
Permit Number
Applicant Jacobsen, Paul and Ginger
Postal District Port Hadlock
Parcel Number
Project Description Proposed Short Plat to divide one 12.85 acre parcel into two parcels. Lot 1 is 5.96 acres in size, and Lot 2 is 6.89 acres in size. Both lots will have an existing residence and septic system located on the lot. Potable water on both lots are served by PUD water. Lot 1 will have direct access off of Oak Bay Road, a county road. Access for lot 2 will be located off of Graceland Way through access easements.
Notice Date November 2, 2016