2014 Projects


In 2014, the Quimper Wildlife Corridor received $31,176 to protect 3 parcels (1.4 acres) in the 3.5 mile-long Corridor.

One of the parcels consists of 4 forested lots that intersect with the 100-year floodplain on the City of Port Townsend's critical areas maps. The second parcel contains mature forest and a trail corridor popular with area residents. The third parcel increases the size of an existing buffer for the Quaking Aspen Wetland. All the properties will be maintained as native forest habitat. A second project, the Snow Creek Watershed Acquisitions project was awarded up to $10,824 towards the protection of 2 properties in the Snow Creek watershed to benefit native forests and salmon, including ESA-listed summer chum. One would be acquired fee-simple and the other would be the subject of a conservation easement. The subject properties total 104 acres and complement existing protected areas linked to the Discovery Bay estuary.