2006 Projects


In 2006, up to $86,950 was approved for the fee-simple purchase of the Winona Buffer project, 10 lots between Cook Avenue and Winona Wetland in Port Townsend. The purpose of the project is to provide permanent protection for approximately 1.5 acres of scrub/shrub and woodlands for wildlife habitat and human enjoyment. The Winona Wetland is one of 4 important wetlands within Jefferson Land Trust's Quimper Wildlife Corridor. The corridor area is recognized in Jefferson County's Comprehensive Plan map as Parks, Recreation Areas, Conservation Easements and Areas for Future Cooperative Preservation Efforts. It is also recognized in the City of Port Townsend Comprehensive Plan and in the Parks and Open Space Plan.

The Winona Buffer was identified as Tier 1 for acquisition in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor Management Plan of March 2005 because the habitat quality is some of the best to be found within the corridor. The Buffer's relatively moist soils support a forest canopy of conifers, red alder, Scouler's willow, and bitter cherry. salmonberry and red elderberry are common shrubs. The corridor is habitat for over 120 species of birds including amphibians and mammals. It also provides stormwater treatment and is used by residents and visitors for walking, bicycling, horseback riding and educational field trips.