Agricultural Lands Planning


In late 2002, Jefferson County initiated an Agricultural Lands planning effort that is anticipated to be completed in 2006. The planning effort is related to unfinished tasks outlined in the Natural Resource Conservation Element of the 1998 Comprehensive Plan.

This 14-page staff memorandum from February 2003 provides background information:
  • DCD Memorandum to the Planning Commission re: Agricultural Lands designation and regulation February 13, 2003
  • Attachments and Referenced Documents

Planning Efforts

The steps of the planning effort are the following:
  • 2003 UDC amendment to clarify the exemption from standard stream and wetland buffers for existing and ongoing agriculture (MLA02-485)
  • 2003 Comprehensive Plan amendment to simplify Agricultural Lands designations and adjust associated policy language (MLA03-209)
  • 2004 UDC amendment to establish regulations for Agricultural Activities and Accessory Uses (MLA04-26)
  • 2004 Comprehensive Plan amendment to potentially change the land use designation of some parcels to Agricultural Lands on the official map of Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations (MLA04-27)

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More Information

For more information, contact DCD Long-Range Planning.

DCD has produced an "Agriculture in Jefferson County Information Booklet," Summer 2004. This 12-page booklet is a must read for farmers and landowners interested in the new opportunities available on designated Agricultural Lands as a result of code amendments made in May 2004.

Additionally, the following are links to other sources of information about agricultural policy and regulation.