Resources for Homeowners

Low-Interest Loan Program

We can provide referrals for a low-interest loan program to repair failing or substandard septic systems. Please contact us at 360-385-9444 for more information about this program.

Rebates for Inspection and Access Risers

Rebates are available for Monitoring Inspections and Access Risers.  We received additional funds for Monitoring Inspections and Access Risers for septic tanks.  Work must have been done after July 2019.  Monitoring inspection rebates are for systems installed prior to 2007.  Check the application for more details.  Please don’t wait to apply as we ran out of funds during the last project.    

Homeowner Authorization for Septic System Monitoring Inspections

The online homeowner authorization for septic inspections webpage offering monitoring inspection training for property owners, is now active. We also offer the training in a classroom format twice a year. Check the class schedule for the current schedule.

A goal of the program is to provide information about septic system operations, maintenance, and inspections as well as making it easier for the homeowner to complete most monitoring inspections at a more reasonable cost. The training courses for the program are offered free of charge to the attendees.

Most systems are eligible to participate - conventional gravity, pressure distribution, mounds, and sand filters. Some system must be inspected by a certified operation and monitoring (O&M) specialist or licensed designer - aerobic treatment devices, glendon biofilters, drip irrigation, and other proprietary products. Contact the Environmental Health Division if you are uncertain about what type of system you have.

Steps for Authorization

  1. Verify if your system is eligible for homeowner inspection on the verify system eligibility and register page.
  2.  Register on the homeowner authorization for septic inspections webpage.
  3. Take the online training, Septics 101 and 201 and take the quizzes or sign up for a live class.
  4. Read and acknowledge the authorized homeowner application.
  5. Pay the $11 authorization fee.

Training Courses

  • Septics 101 - Basics of septic system operation and maintenance. This class will be available online and is also offered in a classroom format at least once a year.
  • Septics 201 - Step by step inspection of the septic system and reporting the results. This class will be available online and is also offered in a classroom format at least once a year.

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