Airport Planning Issues

The Jefferson County International Airport (JCIA or "the Airport") is owned and operated by the Port of Port Townsend ("the Port"). For general descriptive information about the Airport, the Port has an Airport webpage, which includes discussion of an approved update to the Airport Master Plan.

The Airport is designated by Jefferson County through the Comprehensive Plan as an Essential Public Facility (EPF). The 1998 Comprehensive Plan includes goals and policies concerning the Airport EPF in chapter 9, the Essential Public Facilities element.
  • Goal EPG 2.0: Ensure the continued vitality of the Jefferson County International Airport as a transportation hub.
  • Goal EPG 3.0: Ensure continuation of the airport as a safe and efficient essential public facility.

Airport Overlay District

Policies associated with these goals include discouraging the siting of new, incompatible land uses adjacent to the airport and establishing a noise overlay zone. These issues were combined into an "Airport Overlay District" proposal docketed for consideration during the 2004 Comprehensive Plan amendment cycle.

Airport Committee

The Jefferson County Planning Commission has an Airport Committee tasked with studying all planning matters associated with the Airport and sharing findings and recommendations with the full Planning Commission. Meeting dates and times of the Airport Committee are posted on the Planning Commission section of the Long-Range Planning webpage.

More Information

For more information, contact Long-Range Planning. and/or the Jefferson County International Airport.