Beach & Surface Water Monitoring

Swimming Beaches

The Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication, and Health (BEACH) Program is a joint program of the Washington Departments of Health and Ecology that monitors water quality at recreational swimming beaches throughout Puget Sound and coastal Washington. Jefferson County staff and other local organizations collect water samples at public swimming beaches in Jefferson County and submit them to the state lab for testing. The most recent results are posted at the above linked website or on the beach closures map.

Other Swimming Beach Resources

View the Lake Status page.

Surface Waters


See our lake advisories for information on how we monitor lakes in Jefferson County.

Rivers, Streams & Marine Waters

Jefferson County conducts a number of projects every year to monitor rivers and streams for fecal coliform and other water quality concerns, this information is provided to the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) along with data collected by other organizations.

As part of the Federal Clean Water Act, Washington Water Quality Assessments provide information on all water bodies in the State, including those that are polluted (included on the 303(d) list). This information can be found on the DOE’s Water Quality Assessment and 303(d) List, To find out more about current and past Water Quality monitoring efforts of Jefferson County Public Health, see the Clean Water Projects page.