Grading & Graveling

More then 18% of Jefferson County’s roads are still gravel.  Most of these roads are graded 1-2 times a year.  This service is determined by many factors; traffic volume, traffic speed, slope of road, effects of weather, and subsurface conditions.  The more heavily traveled roads will need grading more often than those with less traffic.  Usually gravel roads are graded in the spring to remove chuckholes, and then again in the fall to blade up the wash boarded surface.

During the dry summer months, the necessary moisture is not present to allow us to grade properly-within a few days the road will become wash boarded again.  In the winter we cannot blade these types of roads because of the frozen condition. 

Reporting a Problem
To report a problem with a county road, contact the appropriate shop using the contact information in the right-hand column or complete the online problem report by clicking here.