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March 9, 2023 8:23 AM

Jury Duty Scam March 2023

Please be aware that Jefferson County District Court and the Sheriff’s Office have been alerted that residents have reported receiving phone calls where the caller identifies themselves as being from the Sheriff’s Office and indicating that a warrant was issued for failing to appear for Jury Duty. This has included the caller identifying names of former Sheriff Office employees and steps on how to pay to clear the warrant. Please note that the Jefferson County Sheriff Officers do not call residents informing them of warrants or requesting payment to clear warrants. Please contact either the Sheriff’s office at 360-385-3831 ext. 1 during business hours or call the District Court 360-385-9135 to confirm warrant or jury status. The Jefferson County District Court DOES NOT issue warrants for failing to appear for jury duty.

The Court has also received alerts from other jurisdictions that defendants and other participants appearing by Zoom during court calendars have been privately messaged on Zoom Chat regarding outstanding warrants. The message will identify the individual creating the message as an attorney and will give instructions on how to quash or clear the warrant for a fee. Please contact the court in the Zoom chat function or call the court at (360)385-9135 to confirm the information that you are being provided.