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Posted on: August 6, 2019

Jefferson County Forestry Study

Malloree Weinheimer with Chickadee Forestry gave a 45 minute presentation to the Board on Monday afternoon, August 5. The county contracted with Chickadee Forestry to assess the feasibility of creating such a program. Malloree’s forestry study report and presentation are available here.

The intent of this study is to examine the state of Jefferson County owned forests and possible management strategies to improve forest health and preserve forest land. This region faces increasing development pressures and an average of 0.75% of forest land is lost per year from development. Forests characterize this region and provide necessary ecosystem services such as water storage and filtration, air filtration, carbon storage, climate moderation, wildlife habitat, and recreational/aesthetic values to the community. However they are at risk of higher rates of mortality, fire, and pest/diseases after multiple consecutive years of drought in the region, which are all detrimental and also costly to manage.

Jefferson County is interested in a proactive approach to forest health management in order to reduce these risks and to save public money while improving the health and resiliency of local forests, which in turn improve water quality, protect soils, provide wildlife habitat, and act as carbon sinks. This study is broken down into three sections to represent the triple bottom line approach to forest management, which is represented through environmental, economic, and social values.

JC Forestry Study

Jefferson County Forestry Feasibility Study