How do I decommission a well?
View the Department of Ecology's information on abandoned wells, problems and solutions.

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1. Is someone available to answer my questions?
2. I want to know about wells in the area and need to find a well log or water well report. How do I do that?
3. How do I find a well driller?
4. Why is the State Department of Ecology in charge of water wells?
5. How is Jefferson County involved with drilling of wells?
6. How do I obtain a variance for a well?
7. I need to test my well water to get a building permit, what should I do?
8. I just want to test my well water for my own reasons. What should I test for and how?
9. How do I decommission a well?
10. I want to store water in containers. Do I need to add something like chlorine to the water? How do you purify your water? How long is it safe to keep in bottles?
11. How far does a well have to be from a septic system?
12. What information do I need to know about as a private well owner?