Can I build a yurt?

Canvas yurts can be permitted as a temporary living structure, such as seasonal camping, but may not contain a heating element or plumbing and have size restrictions. In order for a yurt to meet code and be allowed, it must be less than 500 sq feet, unheated and unplumbed and only used for temporary use, such as camping. Yurts, built using a standard canvas exterior over a wooden frame, are not able to meet energy code for heat retention and do not meet the requirements for fire, life and safety and therefore are not permissible as a residence. With these guidelines, a yurt can be permitted along with the platform or decking it will be built upon. 

Hard-sided yurts are permitted so long as they meet energy code. Pre-engineered kits are available from online resources.

Please refer to Chapter 31 in the International Building Code (IBC) regarding Special Construction for more information.

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