Who do I talk to about preliminary questions about building a home in Jefferson County?

Who do I talk to about preliminary questions as I begin to research the planning of a home to be built in Jefferson County?

DCD offers a suite of options to answer questions and help plan development:

  1. Staff-Consultation Meeting by Appointment. Book an appointment with staff to discuss more in-depth questions and projects. Examples include how critical area and shoreline regulations affect projects. Fees start at $50 for a 15-30 minute appointment. Twenty-four hour minimum advance booking is required.*
  2. Planning/Permit Path Study. Many customers under contract for property purchase ask DCD questions to determine feasibility for projects before settlement. This service provides customers with a written product summarizing permit path and feasibility. DCD provides a product within 14 calendar days. A $200 fee is required for two hours DCD review and product preparation.* Please note that certain projects may require a pre-application conference. DCD suggests customers who need water or septic feasibility information provide a conceptual site plan to obtain Jefferson County Environmental and Public Health comments (an additional hourly fee applies for this service).

    *Customer Service fees up to $94 may be credited to a project application if the customer applies within one year from the date of the meeting or customer service provided.
  3. Staff Consultation Walk-in Hours 
    Monday through Thursday 10:30am-noon.
    This is a free service DCD offers for basic questions such as "What is my zoning?" or "What forms do I need to apply for a building permit?" In depth questions will require an appointment in advance and a fee. See #2 for details. Customers seeking water or on-site septic system information should meet with Jefferson County Environmental Public Health prior to DCD (hours are Mon-Friday 9:00am-10:30am, located adjacent to DCD).


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