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    1. Jefferson County Department of Community Development

    2. Citizen Concern/Complaint Form

      This form, updated 10-27-17, replaces all other DCD complaint forms. In an effort to streamline office processes and response times, we prefer that all complaints be submitted electronically for proper processing. If you would not like to submit electronically and/or do not have access to a computer, we would be happy to take your complaint over the phone or you can submit it using the community computer we have available in our lobby.

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      Fill in the information below. Include at least one way to contact you if the need arises--either your email address, mailing address or phone number. No purely anonymous tips or information can be accepted.

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      This complaint form is a public record and is subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act (42.56 RCW). Please let us know if you would like information revealing your identity to remain confidential and exempt from public disclosure. Note that while confidentiality is allowed, anonymous complaints are not accepted. Please indicate your desire below: